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Soul Casino  / Turk Tresize
review by Kevin Harvey

Listening to Turk Tresize's first solo recording, “Soul Casino,”  brings several things to mind. The first being, if you're old enough to notice - or if you've been doing your homework - are the echoes of the Rod Stewart era Faces.  And I say this as someone who loved that version of the Faces. One then thinks: Stewart mattered for a time. Followed by: He stopped mattering a long time ago.  Followed quickly by: This Turk Tresize guy matters.

"Soul Casino" is a recording for that group of people who wonder where the sound and attitude of "Long Player" and the passion and creativity of "Let it Bleed" went.  It's a disc for those people who despaired of ever hearing Rock n' Roll played again by anyone under 70.  Like all classic recordings it opens and closes with tracks written and played to tear the wall down, but for me, it's Karma Wisdom, which would have fit nicely on "Let It Bleed," or the lovely Nice to Know, followed by the West on Train that fill out the record. 
Da Wheel, the best tune on the record, reminded me of Peter Wolf's "Sleepless" album, a record called one the 100 best ever made by Rolling Stone.

Turk Tresize is a true artist working classical veins without ever sounding like a retread.  Buy "Soul Casino." It answers the question of where real Rock n' Roll,  blended with the bottle neck reverberations of the C&W stuff that mattered, went to hide: Australia.