Leonard Cohen Forced to Postpone European Tour

Leonard Cohen, currently on tour in Europe
and fresh from receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys, is postponing the tour due to a back injury. The tour was to begin
March 1st in Caen, France. Cohen reportedly injured his back while exercising. The tour will will now be delayed by over six months, during which Cohen will undergo a physical therapy regimine. The rescheduled hows are tentatively set to go on  Sept. 15 through Oct. 7. The singer/songwriter is otherwise in good health
at 75. Cohen did a 2008-2009 tour, returning to
the stage after a 15 year absence. Cohen had tax problems due to alleged misuse of his finances
by Kelly Lynch, his long time personal manager. Cohen's return to the stage in recent years was in part a response to his fiscal situation.

For a more in-depth look at the questions and circumstances surrounding Cohen's financial troubles, see this link. 
Photo courtesy Wikipedia Commons
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