New Pony
The Dead Weather / Horehound  2009

In which The Dead Weather take Bob Dylan's spooky blues tunes from Street Legal and make it ten times scarier. Dylan recorded "New Pony" in
the midst of the bitter divorce and custody battle he was going through with wife Sara, and you can hear his raw pain from the estrangement in the lyrics of the song - "I had a pony, her name was Lucifer...
she broke her leg and needed shooting, I swear it hurt me more than it ever could have hurted her." Dylan usually claims his songs aren't about himself, and probably especially would in this instance, but it's hard to see the song otherwise. In any case,
The Dead Weather's Alison Mosshart screeches
and squeals her way into a state of near possesion on the song - check out a few of the live versions.
"I hear you're using voodoo, I've seen your feet walk by themselves... (how much longer? how much longer?)" The Dead Weather take the familiar blues themes of Dylan's song and spin them into a brew that's downright "weird sisters" witchy. The fury of the guitars in the LedZepblues attack on the song take it to another level, as the kids say. Whenever a band can cover a Bob Dylan song and make it something completely different, they've done a noteworthy thing. Not many bands have done it - Hendrix did with "All Along the Watchtower," but I can't think of another offhand that strides so far beyond the framework of the original as to step into a completely new landscape. The Dead Weather's cover of "New Pony" does. And rocks the ground like thunder, rips the air like lightning. 
                                                                         Will Brennan

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