"...been wadin' through the high muddy water"
Sweetheart Like You
Guy Davis / Redhouse Records

Guy Davis is an exceptional blues/roots singer and guitarist who takes Dylan's often neglected gem, "Sweetheart Like You," and makes it completely his own. Davis' version is one of those rare Dylan covers that outshines the original and captures more than Dylan was able to in the performance of the song. Davis plays it slow and relaxed, in a soulful, bluesy rendition using a coaxing, laid back, seductive voice. You can imagine him saying/singing it across a small round table scattered with empty beer bottles. Even the following lyric -  "A woman like you should be at home, that's where you belong, taking care of somebody nice, who don't know how to do you wrong," is all tenderness and gentle suggestion in Davis' hands, losing any trace of Dylan's stridency, which was perceived by many listeners as chauvinism. Davis' voice has genuine warmth and understanding and oozes gruff charm, honeycoated. What sweetheart could resist it?

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