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Sign on the Window
Apollo Sunshine

Bob Dylan recorded "Sign on the Window" for his New Morning album, which was a record full of domesticity. The following verse from the song captures a kind of perfect, sincere, yet at the same time intentionally naive view of what life is -

Build me a cabin in Utah,
Marry me a wife, catch rainbow trout,
Have a bunch of kids who call me "Pa,"
That must be what it's all about,
That must be what it's all about

A lot of people hearing "Dylan the poet" singing such stuff at the time were somewhat baffled by the route Bob had gone on his last few records, but the song in fact is both an endearing and enduring tune. Boston neo-psychedelic band Apollo Sunshine (I have to pause here to say Apollo Sunshine defy strict categorization - they're ex-Berklee grads with impeccible chops who whirled up all the technical academia they'd learned in a giant veg-0-matic of the mind and ... well, my metaphor breaks down here... let's just say, they can play rings around most bands and it's all fascinatingly Revolver Beatle-y with King Crimson and country Byrds and trippy shit and all kinds of other influences in the mix and often played out in musical collages with short, precise bits then long intricate soloing and... well, check 'em out yourself, and you categorize them for me, how about that?
Apollo Sunshine) play it straight on this one, very true to Bob's version in feel and sound, and they get in all the open air and forward looking joy. A really nice recasting of it, faithful to the original but standing on its own without bowing in homage to Bob. Downright refreshing. It hasn't always been given its due, but "Sign on the Window" has always been a great song, and this version reconfirms that fact.

The song appears on a Doghouse Records compilation of Dylan covers called Paupers, Peasants, Princes & Kings: The Songs of Bob Dylan.

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